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Sports Shoes and Apparel

Sports without borders, brand scale effect, barriers to scientific and technological input, seize scarce marketing resources to create a double super-strong

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Industry Pain Point


Pain Point

Quick channel expansion results in scattered customer data and difficulty of mining global data value
Scarcity of marketing resources, rising costs, how to seize channels and get data faster
Star effect, snap-up form, shopping festival has higher requirements for the system architecture, performance


Omni-channel Integration
Quickly realize the integration of omni-channel member data, covering self-owed stores, official website, APP, WeChat mi-ni-program, Alipay mini-program, third-party social, media, alliance members a-nd other channels
Client Subdivision
Based on customer tags, portraits to achieve accurate targeted customer segmentation, improve activity response rate and reduce activity costs
Data Analysis
Omni-channel member data, to achieve closed-loop analysis of RFM models and marketing activities effectiveness, guiding member operation strategy
Marketing Automation
Provide flexible and configurable promotional tools, to achieve various forms of points, coupon promotion strategy, to achieve rapid campaign establishment and distribution, docking SMS, EDM, APP, WeChat and other channels, to achieve accurate reaching
Cloud Computing Service
Provide Internet system architecture program, the use of micro-services, non-relational databases and other cloud computing services, supporting billions of consumer data and marketing activities

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