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Beauty Fashion

The beauty market continues to expand, consumer groups expand, consumer grades upgrade, and the trend toward high-end cosmetics is emerging

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Industry Pain Point


Pain Point

The data of online and offline channels are fragmented, and the understanding of users is not comprehensive, and it is difficult to help sales
KOL rises to replace BA status, and the connection between consumers and brands is weakened
The complicated consumption path leads to unclear user portraits, undifferentiated operation of users, and low degree of personalization


Data Management
Establish consumer omni-channel data collection management, provide one-stop data integration, data analysis and effect prediction, to reach and execute marketing activities, and then to activity data collection, ROI analysis, and membership label optimization, forming a closed loop of digital marketing
Data Integration
Establish consumer life cycle data collection points, integrate consumer data from offline stores and online channels such as Tmall, JD, and official websites to enrich the dimensions of consumer data and prompt a comprehensive understanding of consumers
Loyalty Index
Actively use the CRM capabilities of Social Hub to empower shopping guides, optimize the refined operation capabilities of online channels, promote the transformation of offline shopping guide services, increase user stickiness, and cultivate member loyalty
Full Link
Establish an end-to-end CRM business link, and build a closed loop from potential customer cultivation, new customer acquisition, purchase conversion, long-term operation to word-of-mouth management

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