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The consumer demand of the catering service market has changed, and the overall trend of convenience, health and personalized consumption characteristics is presented. Techsun helps brands to explore new growth points

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Industry Pain Point


Pain Point

Industry concentration is low, regional taste differences and customer acquisition costs are high, and there is a lack of effective execution of consumer data collection and analysis capabilities
Sales channels are scattered, the number of operating personnel is limited, and refined operations cannot be effectively achieve
The contact method is single, and members have insufficient awareness of rights and marketing activities, and it is difficult to achieve the expected results


Assist merchants to complete the digital transformation of offline stores, break the limitations of traditional offline goods and markets, enrich store-side marketing scenarios, and realize the new trend of passive sales to active marketing
Help merchants to realize the in-depth cultivation of refined operation of online channels, transition from extensive operation to refined operation, and respond to changes in market personalized demand trends in a timely and flexible manner
According to the dimensions of consumers' basic information, transaction behaviors, preferences and interests, and geographic area characteristics, the group can be accurately segmented, so as to provide consumers with differentiated products and services to meet individual needs
Interactive Reach
Provide message templates such as SMS and WeChat to provide consumers with holiday care. At the same time, based on consumer scenarios, combined with automated marketing capabilities to achieve consumer interaction and reach throughout the life cycle

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