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Other Industries

Accelerating digitalization is the general trend, and refined user operations and digital transformation of offline stores are imperative

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Industry Pain Point


Pain Point

Falling sales and interest rates prompt stores to urgently im-prove operational efficiency
Low conversion rate of marketing resources, how to identify, invigorate, and operate potential customers precisely
Store traffic data distortion, affecting brand resource deliver-y strategy


Use Date Now to realize consumer data empowerment, provide accurate user portraits, deeply explore customer needs, provide targeted solutions, customer care and other digital operations, and provide powerful digital marketing solutions for brands
Private Domain Management
Create the concept of online drainage training and offline experience transformation, realize the digital marketing management system of brand stores, open up consumer data of brand stores and online channels such as Tmall, JD, Youzan, and official websites, and refine and organize shopping guides in stores based on people. , Promotion activities and other user scenarios, build a brand’s private domain traffic pool, and enable precise marketing and personalization
Company Capability
Since its establishment, Techsun has abstracted a rich industry knowledge base from extensive business implementation experience. We can provide enterprises with industry-depth marketing scenario solutions and operation methods
Covering Multiple Industries
At present, the companies we serve include dozens of industry categories such as the maternal and infant industry, home appliance 3C industry, cross-border e-commerce industry, etc. Techsun can customize exclusive privatization marketing solutions for companies to strengthen their in-depth operation capabilities for customers

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